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alex nielsen
Alex Nielsen is a sports massage therapist with diplomas in muscle testing, spinal manipulation and postural assessment. He has experience working in the Whittington Hospital and Hampstead Rugby Club.
massage therapist
Christine Nielsen is a pregnancy massage and deep tissue massage therapist. She is a qualified NCT teacher, training breastfeeding counsellor and mum of two boys.

What is a Sports Massage?

A sports massage releases adhesions in the muscle and fascia. After the massage exercises may be prescribed to create tension in lengthened or weakened muscles to properly balance the client.

What is a Deep tissue Massage?

A deep tissue massage is a unique full body massage treatment that brings blood to the muscles through its deep but slow techniques whilst deeply relaxing the client. A sports massage differs from a deep tissue massage by dealing with acute and chronic injuries.

What is a Pregnancy Massage?

A pregnancy massage soothes the areas most stressed during pregnancy such as the lower back, shoulders and the legs. The massage is performed on a specialised massage table that allows pregnant clients to be massaged face down or side lying.

Enjoy your massage!

Please communicate with your therapist at anytime during the massage whether you would like more or less pressure or to focus on a particular area. We wont’t get offended and your feedback helps us improve our service :)

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