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Alex is a sports massage therapist with diplomas in spinal manipulation, soft tissue release, muscle testing and personal training.

For those with chronic problems a typical session may include a review of the symptoms and some basic tests to narrow down the cause. After which the area is massaged whilst the surrounding muscles can be tested to see if they are active. If any muscles are found to be de-activated they can be re-activated using light isometric contractions.

At the end of the session exercises will be prescribed to do at home or until the next treatment.

For a more in depth treatment the client can undergo a postural assessment. This will take up to 15 minutes of the session whilst Alex takes static pictures and movement assessments of the client. The rest of the session is taken up with the usual massage, mobilisations and exercise prescription.

For examples of postural assessments please see The assessments are made online with the explicit permission of the client.

Christine is a pregnancy massage specialist and pregnancy massage lecturer that is studying towards being an NCT practitioner.

Christine has 7 years of experience both massaging and lecturing pregnancy massage and baby massage. If you have any questions regarding your pregnancy she will be very willing to offer advice.

Tanya has 9 years experience massaging with diplomas in pregnancy massage, natural face lift massage, deep tissue massage, thai yoga massage and holistic massage.
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