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Deep Tissue massage

This is an upper body or full body deep yet relaxing massage. During this massage, acupressure points like those used in shiatsu and acupuncture are activated making it extremely unique. This is an ideal massage for anyone with tension areas, previous injuries, those who have stressful jobs or anyone who enjoys a strong and deep massage. This massage will break down adhesions and get rid of all of those unwanted "knots".
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£30 for 30 mins
£55 for 60 mins
£80 for 90 mins
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Sports massage

Sports massage is an effective full body massage that relaxes the muscles, increases circulation, drains lymph and increases your range of motion. Sports massage is the strongest style of full body massage and is designed to reach the deepest muscles. The knowledge of anatomy, which is essential for sports massage therapy, ensures that chronic and persistent problems such as back aches and pains can be dealt with effectively.
£35 for 30 mins
£60 for 60 mins
£85 for 90 mins

Pregnancy massage

The massage begins with the client either in a side lying or prone position on a special pregnancy massage table where you can relax and let us do all the work. We generally work on the back, neck and shoulders before moving onto some light leg and foot work before finishing off with a blissful face and head massage. Every client is unique and you can specify which areas you would like more attention paid to.

pregnancy massage
£35 for 30 mins
£60 for 60 mins
£85 for 90 mins